Terms and Conditions for Gila Dishy Life Coach

Last Updated: 25.oct.23

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before engaging in any services provided by Gila Dishy Life Coach. Using our services, you approve to comply with and be surefire by the following terms and conditions. Please do not use our services if you are distressed by these terms and conditions.

1. Services and Scope

Gila Dishy Life Coach offers personal coaching and guidance services. These service areas are designed to assist you in achieving individual development and life improvement goals. It is essential to understand that life coaching is not a substitute for competent mental health or medical care. Gila Dishy Life Coach does not provide therapeutic or clinical services.

2. Client Responsibilities

As a client, you agree to actively and constructively engage in the coaching process. You are answerable for your own decisions and choices. Gila Dishy Life Coach is not liable for any consequences of your actions or decisions.

3. Confidentiality

Gila Dishy Life Coach respects your privacy and maintains strict confidentiality regarding all information and discussions shared during coaching sessions. However, there are legal and decent exceptions to confidentiality, including situations where there is a threat of harm to yourself or others or when required by law.

4. Payment and Fees

Payment for the coaching service area is due in advance. We accept payment through the designated payment methods provided by Gila Dishy Life Coach. You are responsible for the full payment of coaching fees as agreed upon.

5. Scheduling and Cancellations

You can schedule coaching sessions at your convenience. If you need to withdraw or reschedule a session, please provide at least 24 hours. Failure to provide timely notice may result in a charge for the session.

6. Termination of Services

Gila Dishy Life Coach reserves the right to terminate coaching services if it is determined that the coaching relationship is not productive or if there is a breach of these terms and conditions. In such cases, any prepaid fees for unused sessions will be refunded.

7. Disclaimer

Gila Dishy Life Coach is not responsible for the outcomes or results of coaching. Coaching is a collaborative and client-driven process, and individual results may vary. Gila Dishy Life Coach does not make guarantees or promises regarding specific outcomes.

8. Intellectual Property

All materials and content provided by Gila Dishy Life Coach, including but not limited to articles, guides, and resources, are protected by copyright. You may use these materials for personal and non-commercial purposes only.

9. Changes to Terms and Conditions

Gila Dishy Life Coach reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions. Clients will be directed to any changes, and they must review and accept the updated terms before continuing with coaching services.

10. Governing Law

These terms and conditions are overseen by the laws of the jurisdiction in which Gila Dishy Life Coach operates.

By engaging in coaching services with Gila Dishy Life Coach, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for clarification before proceeding.