How to Rediscover Yourself When You’re Feeling Lost in Life

How to Rediscover Yourself

Do you ever need to catch up on who you are? Maybe you wake up one morning and realize you’re not sure what you enjoy anymore, or perhaps you feel disconnected from your sense of purpose. These are signs that you may have forgotten your identity.

But there is still a lot more that cannot be summarized in one paragraph to provide help or answer questions in this regard. Knowing how to rediscover yourself after a tough phase of your life teaches you many lessons, but it also helps you know your strengths and your worth.

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Now, with that being said, let’s start the discussion on rediscovery after being lost.

What’s Your Identity

Knowing your identity lets you easily lead your life’s challenges. You can make meaningful connections with others and find fulfillment in your journey. It’s about embracing your authenticity and recognizing the power of your own story in shaping the person you are today and the person you aspire to become.

Your identity is the unique combination of characteristics, beliefs, values, and experiences that make you who you are. It’s the essence of your individuality, reflecting your likes, dislikes, passions, and aspirations. Your identity encompasses everything from your cultural background and personal interests to your career choices and relationships.

Signs You May Have Forgotten Your Identity

When you are going through the phase of finding yourself again, you will feel many negative emotions. It may sound weird and alienating but know that it’s not just you who has been led to this path. Almost everyone goes through such a phase in their life.

Let’s see what signs to detect when you are on your way to knowing yourself again.


Firstly, you will have a rush of emotions about nothing working in your favor. When nothing works out, and you are left with no good thing on your side, a sense of hopelessness builds. This can often lead to feelings like loneliness, etc.

Lack of Interest in Anything

When you want to achieve something and it doesn’t work out, and this process continues multiple times, it leads to you starting to lose interest in anything.

Self Neglect

After the lack of interest, one more sign is that you start neglecting yourself. Getting out of the problem is easier than denying or ignoring its impact, and this is precisely what you end up doing.

Increased Fatigue

The outcome of neglecting yourself, feeling low, and not having an interest in anything will make you lazy and more tired without really having any physical activities in check.


You will also notice a lot of irritation in your mood and behavior toward others and yourself. Even the smallest inconvenience will trigger you and get a reaction out of you.


In the journey of finding yourself again, anxiety is one significant aspect that can disrupt your mind. Though the outcome of feeling lost often leads to good things, the process does test you. Anxiety regarding all your life plans, new ones, old ones, and all other things will make you even more confused and lost.

Changes in Appetite

Many people encounter physical reactions in their bodies when experiencing any mental stressors, like feeling lost. The major one to show up is an upset stomach. How often your appetite changes will tell you if you are feeling okay or not.

Uncontrollable Emotions

One most important signs is that your expression of emotions will not be in your control. No matter how hard you try, you will not feel good even if all your loved ones make all the efforts. If you feel like crying, you won’t know the reason, but you will cry still.

Low Self-Esteem

All these signs may be on one side, but when you start feeling you are not worth the good things, that will be everything else. This is the sign that clearly makes you want to improve, which can finally become the turning point for you.

Though there is no chronological order of these signs, here they are listened to in a manner that we feel one can go through.

Why Do You Feel Lost?

Feeling lost can stem from a variety of reasons, often manifesting as a disconnect between one’s inner self and the external world around them. When one doesn’t know how one’s inner world is processing in accordance with the external world, a feeling of confusion and loss pops up.

There is one thing to consider when feeling lost: staying connected to people who know the real you. Staying around them will bring you back to the same page real quick if you are surrounded by positive energy and people who want your good.

Reasons of Feeling Lost

Do you ask yourself why finding myself again is not easy? Well, there are many unprocessed and confused emotions rolling up. To understand the reason for your feeling lost, you must first acknowledge your patterns. Understanding your patterns will let you reach the root cause and then work on that.

Then after you can look at a few reasons why you may be feeling lost.

  • Negative self-talk: Constantly putting yourself down or doubting your abilities.
  • Not knowing your life purpose: Feeling like you lack direction or meaning.
  • Giving too much of yourself to others: Neglecting your own needs and desires to please others.
  • Overwhelm: Feeling inundated by responsibilities or expectations.
  • Listening to others: Allowing other people’s opinions to dictate your choices.
  • Dissatisfaction in your job: Feeling unfulfilled or unhappy in your career.

How to Find Yourself Again?

Here is a list of a couple of practices that can help you start finding yourself after being at your lowest. If you practice these things for a longer time, they can help you with many other things, not just finding yourself.

  • Memorize all your favorite hobbies
  • Realize your core
  • Focus on your subjective rather than objective
  • Do things that make you happy

What is Required to Finding Myself Again?

The positive side of being lost is that you get to find yourself again better. If you think about it, you will know that in times of crisis the best solution brings out your best skills as well. That is precisely why sometimes getting lost works like magic. We have made a list of changes in your attitude and behavior as you know yourself more. Add and remove as per your experience..

  • Increased self-acceptance
  • You take responsibility, then accept it
  • You take small steps, but dream big
  • Acknowledgment increases about what you like and what you don’t
  • You start asking yourself questions
  • You are no longer afraid to get lost, literally
  • You realize the importance of life coaching benefits
  • You finally rely only on yourself

What is Happening When You are Rediscovering Yourself?

In the journey to rediscover yourself you come across many challenges, some physically visible, some only affecting you internally. Sometimes, you may say, “I feel like I lost myself,” even mid-way through the journey. As self-discovery is not a linear journey, you will keep going back and forth with things. But what will be constant is that you will be more content and satisfied with everything. Along with that, it will also make:

  • You understands yourself and others
  • You become who you want to be
  • You become who you meant to be

Mini Checklist of Daily Reminders on Self-Rediscovery Journey

There is a list of things things that you can follow on a daily basis that we have added here. If you want you can use it as it is and not feel free to add or remove the needed aspects.


Things To Do Did It/Tomorrow Description
Practice self-care
Stay curious
Practice boundaries
Celebrate your progress
Stay connected
Practice gratitude
Embrace self-reflection

Note: In the description column, you must describe the tasks’ details. For example: in the “practice self-care” section, you choose either did it, or tomorrow, then write how you did it.

Wrap Up

Rediscovering yourself is a journey we all go through every once in a while; the difference is that some people have a tough time, and some stay strong. In either case, you will be a better version of yourself after you survive this phase of your life.

It will make you feel like you have come out of a cocoon and are ready to spread your wings to fly. Lastly, in such a phase when you are most vulnerable and don’t know the right direction, a professional would be best to get help from.

Apart from your close friends and family, you can only trust your guides and coaches. So, don’t feel hesitant if you need to contact someone; do it for yourself.


What does it mean to feel lost in life?

You feel lost when nothing’s making sense, and your inner and outer worlds are not aligned.

How do I know if I’m feeling lost in life?

If you notice that your feelings and emotions are going out of control and you are feeling exceptionally vulnerable.

Is it normal to feel lost in life, and is it possible to overcome it?

Yes! Feeling lost doesn’t mean the end of life. It leads you to find the actual meaning and purpose of your life.

What if I try to rediscover myself and still feel lost?

Rediscovering is not a linear process, or doesn’t come with a set timeline to get done with. You will find your one answer today, but you can get confused about another tomorrow.

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