Respect Pace and Respect Space

For great relationships, respect pace and respect space.

Other peoples personal space and personal pace is important to them as much as it is to you. Sometimes we want to rush other people, we think we know what’s right for them, what’s true for them, we know better than they do.

This notion reflects on the way we conduct our relationships with others. We think if we will do more then it will happen quickly. If we’ll say more, they would finally understand, follow what we want, and realize what we think is best for them.

The truth is that even if our intentions are good, and we are coming from a place of love and generosity, if the other person does not see it the same way and refuses to align with our attempts, we should stop and reconsider the way to go about it. In fact, this is a form of control. When we are forcing, we are not respecting the other persons pace, we’re not respecting the other persons space.

The correct way to set a person on a path requires zero effort from us. You can set your intention, voice your opinion, and talk to the person. If nothing happens, you have to let go and let the other person get to where they need to be at. That’s their own journey. And as much as it difficult, the only thing we can do about it is position ourselves accordingly, reconsider our own acts and our own boundaries.

Respecting the space and pace of the other person and honoring his choices eventually will do magic.

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